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Dr. Ellawese Smith, MD

God's Medicine Woman





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Dr. Ellawese Smith has a great hunger for the Word of God and because of that hunger and continual study of the Word, she has some great insights into God’s abundant life. The Bible says that God only fill those that hunger and thirst for righteousness…because of her hunger she has been continually filled with the Word of God. I believe the insights that she has placed in this book will be of great benefit to any reader to help them to grow up in the Word and fulfill God’s plan for their life. Remember, don’t just be a hearer of the Word, but be a doer of this Word.

Dr. Nasir K. Siddiki

International Teacher/Evangelist)

Wisdom Ministries (Founder)

Tulsa, OK


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It is my honor to endorse iHealth Prescriptions For The Soul. I cannot think of a more qualified than Dr. Ellawese Smith to write this book which helps the reader take his/her rightful authority in both the physical and spiritual realms through confessing the powerful promises in the Scripture. I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Ellawese for many years and have seen that she practices incorporating the Word of God into her daily life. Her personal testimony demonstrates powerful the victory and the favor of God in so many areas of her life. Even though she is a practicing physician with numerous credentials as well as a biblical scholar with an additional Doctorate in Biblical Wisdom, you will find her to be the most humble and gracious woman of God. She takes no personal credit, but gives honor to the King of Kings for her success. May the Lord touch many lives through this book.

Shiney Cherlan Daniel, BA, MBA, MPH, JD (Esq)

 Agape Home Healthcare


Mesquite, TX

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I have known Dr. Ellawese Smith for many years. She is an excellent medical doctor who walks in a great faith anointing. Her passion for souls and tireless work for the Kingdom of God are refreshing and inspiring. You will be blessed as you read this book. Dr. Smith is qualified both educationally and spiritually to pen the life changing truths shared here. Soak it all in, embrace it, and live it! Your life will never be the same!


Pastor Sonjia Dickerson, Senior Pastor

Dayspring Family Church

Irving, TX

Pastor Rose King.jpg

The book will encourage readers to activate their faith for victorious living! Dr. Smith is passionate about her relationship with the Lord and desires to see His people receive and walk in all He has provided for them. You will be challenged, change and edified as you read and speak the words from this anointed book.

Pastor Rose M. King, Senior Pastor

Christian Outreach Center

Fort Worth, TX

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I have been a pastor and minister for over forty years combined, and have counseled many people. I believe that many people live and die and never realize that they can change everything about their lives. All changes begin with the right information! Dr. Smith does an exceptional job of pointing a person in the right direction to bring about lasting change! I wholeheartedly recommend this book by Dr. Ellawese Smith.

Clyde Oliver, Senior Pastor

Maranatha Christian Center

Melbourne, FL

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iHealth: Prescriptions for the Soul is a healing resource tool that empowers you to grow and declare your victory through the Word of God if you are dealing with any of the selected topics Dr. Smith has outlined in this book. It is a tool that can be used to strengthened you everyday.

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