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Overwhelming excellence is her mantra. Not only as it relates to Dr. Smith’s medical practice,  but also in her spiritual, personal, social, and areas of academia. Throughout her career, not only has her passion for anesthesiology provided many opportunities to bless others by teaching, sharing, and sponsorship, but also providing scholarships to local students in varied career paths. Dr. Smith held the highly honored, revered and respected position as the Medical Staff President at John Peter Smith Health (JPS) Network in Fort Worth, Texas. Few are knowledgeable that during the hospital’s 100 year history, Dr. Smith is the first and only African American female to have held this position/title.
Currently working as an entrepreneur in my private practice as a physician. This has allowed her to be a blessing in the lives of others as a lecturer, psalmist and minister throughout the U.S. and Africa.

Dr. Smith’s professional career is quite extensive

  • B.S. degree (University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX)

  • M.D. degree (Howard University, Washington, D.C.)

  • Anesthesiology Residency (Texas Tech Health Science Center, Lubbock, TX)

  • Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship (Cooks Children’s Med. Ctr, Fort Worth, TX)

  • Biblical Wisdom Ph.D (Wisdom University, Tulsa, OK)

About  Dr. Smith

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Accolades for Dr. Smith:

  • Vice Chairman of the Department of Anesthesiology, JPS
  • JPS Board of Managers
  • Director of Anesthesiology (University General Hospital, Dallas, TX)
  • Summa Cum Laude upon receiving PhD from Wisdom University
  • Medical and surgical missionary in Africa, 15+ years


To contact Dr. Smith for an upcoming event, go to: Bookings

2131 N. Collins, Suite 433-730 | Arlington, TX 76011 | 972.845.1199

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